I personally never knew that 95% of the jobs in sports even existed until I stumbled upon my first athletics job in college. Even that was actually an accident!
I joined Texas Tech’s President’s Select organization thinking it would look good on my resume, you know, since it was the President’s student ambassador organization and all. Turns out, it ended up being MUCH more than just that and completely changed my career route. I switched from architecture to marketing after my first semester at Texas Tech and decided to pursue a career in sports. From that point on, I found my passion in recruiting student athletes and focused all of the time that I could into my position with football.
While I’m by no means no means an expert, I’m happy to share what I do know – and try and fill in those gaps with people that I’ve met along the way! Check out my career sections on resumes and getting involved for some tips that I’ve picked up in my years around sports. Also keep an eye on the women I meet in the industry – everyone’s journey is so unique and you never know what you might learn from them!