Hi, y’all! Welcome to Southern Blitz & Glam – an outlet to share all of my sports adventures across the country with anyone willing to follow along! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a 24-year-old Texas raised Baton Rouge resident. I received my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Texas Tech University (Guns Up!) and am now working towards completing my Master of Science in Sport Administration at Louisiana State University, where I also work as an assistant in Student-Athlete Academics and Life Skills. While at Texas Tech, I was lucky enough to spend 4 years as a Zeta Tau Alpha and working with Texas Tech Football in recruiting and operations.
I am an original resident of Round Rock, Texas, where my parents still reside. I am an only child and constantly joke with my dad that my love of sports is to make up for him not having a son. In my years I’ve been blessed to work with some of the top sports names in the industry – including the Atlanta Falcons, the Dallas Cowboys, the Cotton Bowl Classic, the CFP National Championship, CAA Sports’ Football Division, Texas Tech Football, TCU Football, LSU Football and now for LSU Student-Athlete Services. I’ve done everything from marketing to ticket sales to client services to development – all in an athletic capacity. Working experience has been how I’ve uncovered my personal passions in the sports industry and decided upon my own career. I’ve learned not only what I like in a job, but what I don’t like in a job.

One of my favorite parts of sports is the traditions that come along with them. Every team across the country is completely unique and I love to travel and experience each environment for myself. Another one of my favorite parts of traveling for sports is getting to check out the city’s food. Small college towns have some of the best food you will ever experience, and being an avid lover of food, you can bet I’ll try and hit every place that I can!
Being a woman in the sports industry is an empowering feeling and I hope that if you are considering a career in sports that you realize this feeling as well! I personally love an underdog and I love to see women building names for themselves in a male-dominated field.
I hope you can find something on my page that inspires you to be a strong, beautiful woman and chase your own career goals! Even if it’s not exactly my path or a path in the sports industry. Nothing makes me happier than seeing successful and beautiful women doing what they love and loving themselves!