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Sun Devil Stadium: Home of the Arizona State Sun Devils

This weekend I learned two things: first, Arizona State has an absolutely stunning campus, and second… don’t EVER plan on going to a September football game if you don’t have to! Man, was it HOT. I practically melted in my seat. The game was a 7:45pm kickoff time and it was STILL 98 degrees! But if you watched the game or heard about the ending, then you know it was absolutely worth it!
They redid all of the features on the field in black for the blackout game this weekend – usually they are maroon or yellow. We all know I’m a fan of black accents so I loved the layout!

Their stadium sits in between two tall rock formations which is me is so cool. I’ve never seen a stadium like that!

They also have tributes to Frank Kush and Arthur Pearce just outside the entry, too.

The stadium was even more beautiful at night, though. The Arizona sunset is a real thing! And it reminded me a lot of the West Texas sunsets.

Arizona State actually has the second-largest student body in the country, only behind the University of Central Florida. Their student section is literally the entire end zone! And it filled up QUICK. And they were loud and fierce. Every time Michigan State players came their way, they let them know that they were ready to play.
I thought about going over there to steal a yellow pom-pom but once I sat down in that heat, the last thing I wanted to do was walk all the way over there!

Whenever I sat down, it was 106 degrees outside and still sunny. That last picture was coin toss, about an hour later, past dark… and it was STILL 98 degrees! The Arizona September heat is no joke.

It was awesome to get to see the entry in person and know that they run past the Pat Tillman statue. The tunnel they run through is also dedicated to Pat Tillman, if you scroll back and look closely you can see he is the man in the middle.

I was so devastated that my phone died before the end of the game. At half time, Michigan State was up 3-0 and Arizona State was pulling up one hell of a fight. My phone’s been a little weird lately and my batter doesn’t like to hold.
After my phone died, Arizona State pushed back in the 4th quarter and tied it up at 13-13. Maybe my phone is just bad luck because as time expired, Arizona State kicked a field goal to win the game 16-13. The crowd went absolutely nuts! I have seen some great endings to games, and this one is right up there with it! You wouldn’t believe how excited everyone was, especially given that they were predicted to lose by double-digits.
Getting to see Arizona State take down #15 Michigan State was definitely the game to watch this weekend! Along with Texas A&M vs. Clemson. That was a hell of a game too. Not to mention my Red Raiders put the beating on Lamar and walked off with a 77-0 victory. This was a great weekend for football!
Stay tuned later this week to check out the Arizona Diamondbacks’ stadium. We got to check out batting practice and some of the behind-the-scenes areas, too! The Diamondbacks are celebrating their 20th anniversary and had a whole museum dedicated to their 20 years of success. Don’t miss it!



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