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Baylor Ballpark: Home of Baylor Baseball

There wasn’t any green on this Red Raider today – all Red and Black for St. Patrick’s Day! This weekend I headed to Waco, Texas to see my grandparents and the rest of my family. Both of my parents grew up in Waco, Texas so I spend a lot of time here. But being a Red Raider, I pretty much steer clear of Baylor territory. I didn’t even realize it until this weekend, but I’ve never actually seen Baylor’s campus. And I’ve been here every Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, summer, etc. for 25 years.
My dad and I decided to change that this weekend and headed to the Texas Tech vs. Baylor baseball game today. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! Well, to start off with. About half way through the game, the storm clouds rolled in – and so did the errors. Baylor took this game solely based off our team errors.  
Most people chalked it up to the road-game blues. We’ve been on the road all spring break starting off in Lexington, Kentucky, then Louisville, Kentucky, and now finishing off a long week away in Waco.
My dad and I joined Caroline and Dylan Dusek’s family for the game. For those who followed me to Kentucky last weekend, Caroline was in my sorority but was a few years younger than me. Her boyfriend, Dylan, pitches for the Red Raiders and was a freshman back when I was in my prime. A lot of my good friends junior and senior year played baseball but we didn’t see Dylan too much. Caroline said he was awkward around girls so I probably wouldn’t have met him back then – I got a good laugh out of that. But my dad was a huge fan of Dylan’s.
My mom opted out of this game and just served as my dad and I’s chauffeur. Beats taking an Uber! Magnolia has some kind of cook-off going on this weekend too on top of the Women’s Final Four first and second rounds being at Baylor’s arena, so you could say Waco is pretty packed this weekend.
The Red Raider fan in me absolutely hates to admit it, but Baylor has some pretty gorgeous sports facilities. There’s a river that runs through Waco and the baseball field backs right up to it. All of their facilities are built along the river, including the new football stadium they built after RG3.

The outside of Baylor’s stadium is just so complete. It really reminds me of a small-scale GlobeLife Park (the Texas Rangers’ stadium in Arlington).

Baylor has one concession stadium downstairs and then they line the row with all of their history and memorabilia. I spent a little time down there checking it out. I really don’t know much about Baylor’s baseball history. Honestly, I didn’t know they’ve been to the College World Series. So that was interesting to learn.

Just nice and simple displays – nothing too over the top. But then again, not many college baseball programs have as much history as LSU that you have to make an entire museum in your baseball stadium! (See that here in my recap of opening day at Alex Box Stadium)
This game was a home game for Baylor, but you sure as hell wouldn’t have known it from the crowd. I’m telling you, at LEAST half of the fans were Texas Tech fans in red and black (and on top of that, we were louder). Just look at the Texas Tech section!

I mean they were just EVERYWHERE. This was just the “Tech” section.
The game started off with gorgeous weather and we were really on top of it. We dropped the opener last night 0-2, so we really needed this one. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it done. I blame the weather. As soon as those ugly storm clouds rolled in, the errors rolled in right along with it.
There were some great highlights to the beginning of the game though, before the rain delay. I’m honestly not sure as I sit here and calm down from our basketball win if this game was finished or canceled. But it was rain delayed in the 7th inning (I should really look at that. I will once my heart calms down. If you missed the game against Florida… have mercy).

My dad and I had a great time, too. Back when I was in college, not only was he spoiled by my job with football but he also got pretty spoiled with basketball and baseball, too. I took him to the first ever Lubbock Super Regional back in 2014 (also the first time we ever went to the College World Series). My good friend, Adam Kirsch, played on the team that year and even got the whole team to sign a baseball for him for father’s day. So needless to say, he’s a die-hard Tech fan too.

Okay, so earlier I mentioned Baylor’s new football stadium that they got after RG3’s reign. What I didn’t tell you? My nickname for it. I call it the toilet bowl. Not just because Baylor sucks, but because of how it looks. I’m sorry, I laugh way too hard at this not to share! Beautiful stadium… except when you look at it from the sky. Google it… you won’t be sorry.

Perfect view of the toilet bowl from our seats! Okay, in all seriousness. It’s a super nice stadium, right on the river too. Texas Tech plays Baylor at Cowboys Stadium every year so I’ve never had a reason to go. After seeing how nice Baylor’s baseball facility is… I might actually have to add it to my list. Heck, I spend enough time here in Waco with family anyway!

St. Patrick’s Day meant green accessories for the Red Raiders. Dad couldn’t get on board with it. Playing a green team… kinda messes it up though!

Another thing I really liked about Baylor’s baseball stadium was their grass hill out in outfield. I didn’t walk out there, and I actually didn’t notice it until we walked over the Baylor side of the stadium because you couldn’t see it from our seats.
When I was growing up we used to always go to the Round Rock Express games (the Texas Rangers’ Triple A affiliate) and my best friend and I would sit on the grass hill in the outfield and check out all the cute boys that walked by. Kind of takes me back to those days! Except I could never date a Baylor fan…

Whataburger. Why aren’t you a Texas Tech sponsor?! Someone get on that, please.

One really weird thing about Baylor’s baseball stadium… they don’t have suites. I’ve literally never seen that before! Their stadium isn’t old either… These are all press boxes. Couple other unique things…

Their Will Call is also a trailer…

Oh, and some genius decided it was a smart idea to go sailing with a thunderstorm warning out…

Gotta love the baseball dads, too. Dylan Dusek’s dad was full of energy and started all our Raider Power chants. I had to laugh because we sat with his mom. Never saw his dad. Caroline said he can’t sit so he just runs all over the place.
Win or lose, it’s always great to see my family. I came in Friday night and stayed with one of my grandma’s. We went to dinner and just spent time together. I’m her only grandchild and we really don’t ever get to just hang out the two of us. My parents drove up this morning and we spent some time with my other grandparents. My dad and I’s thing is Texas Tech sports, so as much as I would’ve loved my mom to come, I always love getting to just hang with my dad. We’re really sore losers though…
My next trip up was supposed to be LSU Baseball at Texas A&M the first weekend of April. But… Texas Tech’s in the Sweet Sixteen in Boston… and this girl booked a plane ticket 20 minutes ago… So stay tuned!




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