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Breaking Down Bracketology for The Madness

First off, I just have to say… I really can’t believe it’s already March. Wasn’t I just at the Sugar Bowl for New Years, like… two weeks ago? I don’t even know where 2018 has gone, but it’s sure been good to me so far! I just need it to slow down a little. Especially now that my busy season has officially been put into gear! Starting this last weekend, I won’t spend another weekend in Baton Rouge through the summer. Yep, so long Fridays and Saturdays in the bayou until August 2018!
Favorite part of Spring? March Madness (Least favorite part? Allergies). ‘Tis the season for THE Madness! If you went to a basketball school, March Madness is like a second Christmas for you. I didn’t go to a basketball school (well, we’re totally a basketball school now) but that never stopped me from getting in on the fun. I LOVE filling out my bracket. Not a happy camper when someone ruins it, though. So today I’ll be sharing my 2018 March Madness bracket with you and giving some history on the teams in play for those of you who aren’t familiar but want to get in on the chance to win a FREE trip to Hawaii!
For those of you who don’t know how March Madness and the Men’s NCAA Tournament work, I’ll try my best to explain it simply. I am, by no means, a basketball girl. But I can fill you in on some of the basics!
64 teams make the tournament and they are then divided up into regionals. There are four regionals – East, West, South, and Midwest. There isn’t a north because, let’s face it, there really isn’t much up north, so they sub out north for midwest. Each regional has 16 teams in it, ranked 1-16 (called seeds). Now, there’s also the “First Four,” which are technically teams 65-68, and truthfully I have no idea how this works. I need to do a little asking around my office on this! I’ll skip it for now.
This past Sunday was Selection Sunday and all of the teams, their seeds, and their regional location were announced. My boys from the South Plains are a 3-seed and are heading to kick some tail in the opening rounds in Dallas, TX! Totally a home game for us. Texas Tech has had an amazing season, finishing 2nd in the Big 12 (we were predicted to finish 7th) and 3rd in the Big 12 Tournament. I’m still pretty bitter that I didn’t make it back this year for a game, but you can bet that’ll change next year. And I’ll absolutely drop $200 on a Final Four ticket if my boys go. No question about that.
As teams get eliminated, the numbers are cut down – first to 32 teams, then 16, then 8, and then finally… the Final Four. The last 16 teams are the Sweet Sixteen and the final 8 teams are the Elite Eight. As far as the tournament setup goes, that’s all you really need to know! All games are single-elimination, so once you lose you pack those bags and you head home.
I’ll totally admit that I’m the WORST when it comes to being bias with my first love. It’s hard to ever bet against Texas Tech. But, in the spirit of a free trip to Hawaii, I did my best to be honest with myself. I love my Raiders… but I’ll still love them on a beach in Hawaii in November.
Here she is… no turning back now!

Arizona, Duke, North Carolina, Xavier, Villanova, Kansas… great basketball programs. I’m not sure why, but I’m just feeling an underdog this year. I really don’t think the 1-seeds will make it to the Final Four this year. Just my feeling!
If you’re filling your bracket out based on the ‘basketball schools,’ any of those are safe bets! If you’re anything like me… I just can’t help but pull for underdogs (I’m a Texas Tech alumni, it must just come with the territory). It broke my heart to have Texas Tech lose in the Sweet Sixteen in my bracket, but I don’t think we’re making it past Purdue… and I really think Purdue will take it all the way. Hopefully they take me all the way to Hawaii.
To get in on the action, register here and fill out your bracket for a chance to go to Hawaii! There’s also some runner-up prizes. Check out all the full details here.
If you prefer to sit out on the action but you just want to play along for fun, then you can print out a bracket here!
(Don’t worry, if you sit out on the action, that’s just a higher chance for this blondie to get a tan in November!)



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