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Jones AT&T Stadium: Home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders

My Monday has started with a happy heart! This past weekend, I was finally able to return to my alma mater and cheer on my Red Raiders. Not only was it Senior Day for a few of my recruits from my college days, but all of my girl friends were in town! It was one big reunion and it was just what I needed to start winding down the fall semester! This was my first time back to the Plains in almost two years. It was MUCH overdue!
This trip got planned for me on Wednesday (yes, the day before I decided to depart from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Lubbock, Texas). Everyone else had this planned for months, had flights booked, etc. for a couple of months… but I was originally planning on heading up to Knoxville for the LSU-Tennessee football game. Once that fell through, I made the decision to drive to Austin on Thursday night, drive the rest of the way on Friday, and make the whole trip back on Sunday. If y’all can’t tell, I’m a whirlwind trip kind of person!
Friday night, a group of us made reservations at The Italian Garden in downtown Lubbock. I’d actually never been here before but the other girls had! It’s a BYOB place with a special ‘pink sauce’ that is to die for. How I never found this place during my time in Lubbock, I’ll never know.
From dinner we went to Cafe J for drinks. So for those who have never been to Lubbock before, let’s just take a minute to break down the bar scene. Depot District = everyone under 21. Broadway (mainly Chimy’s) = everyone in school over 21. Cafe J = graduates, older crowd, postgrads, etc. Basically, we knew we were old when we decided to go to Cafe J on a Friday night! But it was nice because we saw a ton of people that we went to college with that were in town for the weekend. They also make a killer martini.
Saturday morning we, of course, had another 11:00am kick-off. That didn’t stop us from tailgating! It just meant mimosas instead of beer.

From there I headed down to the field thanks to my friend Jason Reed (Tech’s Director of Recruiting). He was nice enough to make me still feel like I’m important around Lubbock with field access for senior day. Excuse me while I get mushy for a second and reminisce on the good days.

This is Cameron Batson. He was one of my recruits when I was running our on-campus recruiting organization. I will forever remember him as the kid who’s mom hit on our then-cornerbacks coach at dinner. It made our night. She’s awesome, it was all in good fun. Cam was the valedictorian of his class and has a killer GPA at Tech. He’s just such a great kid – and an even better receiver.

Dylan Cantrell. Our offense will definitely hurt without him. Kliff won’t ever admit it but pretty sure Dylan is his favorite now that Davis is gone.

Justin Stockton. He was one of my first ever recruits. His girlfriend came with him and the three of us had a blast. I was so worried that she’d be that girlfriend you never want to get in recruiting that doesn’t realize you’re just doing your job. She was SUCH a sweetheart. Justin and her ended up having a little one while he was a sophomore. They’re now married and have another one. This one about brought me to tears. Justin is an absolutely awesome kid too.
Obviously there were more seniors but these were the three that hit me hard. Geez – I’m so old. At least I still have some recruits left on the team and I’m not totally out the door!

Now THIS is the man right here – Tommy McVay, Director of Football Operations. He’s been with Tech Football for 15+ years. My dad always jokes that they can’t get rid of him because he knows where all the bodies are buried. Tommy is the best – always welcomed my parents, always did everything he could for us when we were students and still tries to help us after graduation. In true Tommy McVay fashion, he presented me with a piece of Dubble Bubble gum after hugging me on the field.

I’ll spare you the details of the game (hint: there was a lot of drowning of sorrows post-game at Chimy’s). From about 2:00pm on, that’s really all Lubbock consisted of. I’ll give my Red Raiders one thing, they sure know how to drink!
After Chimy’s (and the ridiculous line), we headed to Cricket’s for an early dinner and, you guessed it… more sorrow-drowning! We spent the remainder of the night eating pizza and drinking beer at Caitlin and her fiancé’s house.
It was great to be back in my old stomping grounds this weekend with the absolute best girls around. It’s crazy to think some of my friends are now engaged, married, or having babies. Think I should take a hint and settle down…?
Nah! I got a couple more good and free years left in me!




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